About Diiesl

The Digital Infrastructure, Innovation and Economy Series London (DIIESL).

The goal of DIIESL (pronounced Diesel) is to bring together an interdisciplinary group of early-career and more experienced researchers interested in topics related to the broader digital economy, allowing them to:

Share and discuss work-in-progress and initial ideas with peers Learn from people with different ideas, insights, and perspectives
Be part of an active community of researchers from related fields

Diiesl is jointly created by INDEX at Exeter University, IRIS and the Information Systems and Innovation Group, LSE.


Wendy Günther  

Postdoctoral Researcher, KIN Center for Digital Innovation, School of Business and Economics

Mark Thompson  

Professor in Digital Economy, University of Exeter Business School,

Will Venters

Assitant Professor in Information Systems and Digital Innovation, Department of Management, London School of Economics

INDEX: Initiative in the Digital Economy at Exeter (INDEX) aims to provide practical insights and measurable impact to organisations looking to address the effects of digital disruption and to take operational advantage of the emerging digital economy. With an initial research portfolio of over £3M, we exist to provide practical insights
and tools to manage the effects of digital disruption, in three areas: The Impact of Digital Disruption; The Future of Work; and The Value Economy. For more details, please visit the INDEX website

IRIS: IRIS (Interface Reasoning for Interacting Systems) is an EPSRC Programme Grant-funded project, aimed at developing a systematic theory and automated verification tools for reasoning about interfacing and communication between complex, large-scale systems. IRIS builds upon recent spectacular successes, originated and led by its team, in program verification. These now enable us for the first time to address issues that present at the level of the large, complex, dynamic, highly-distributed systems that we now critically depend upon in our daily and commercial lives. For more information, please see the IRIS project website

ISIG: The Information Systems and Innovation Faculty Research Group is a centre of expertise on information technology (IT) innovation and concomitant organisational and social change. It is one of the largest groups of its kind in the world, and is well known for its research in the social, political and economic dimensions of information and communications technology. For more onto Group’s activities, please visit their website